Segment-Gamma provides continuous air monitoring in any facilities to detect and identify explosives, hazardous chemical and biological agents.


Segment-Gamma is a unique hardware system for continuous air monitoring for hazardous chemical and biological agents.
the winner of "Technological breakthrough in the field of solutions for land transport and transport logistics" award

The system includes:

Segment-Bio provides on-line monitoring of⦁bio-aerosols in⦁the air, including toxins, viruses and bacteria.
Bioaerosol analyzer Segment-Bio
On-line monitoring of bio-aerosol presence in the air (including toxins, viruses and bacteria).
Screening receptor
Automatic gas detector "Segment"
Continuous monitoring of air environment to detect and identify toxic and chemical substances, including chemical warfare agents.
Contact surface sampling for further analysis of explosives.
Screening receptor
Continuous monitoring of air quality
Unified network
The complex is possible to be connected to the existing facility security network.
The complex can detect hazardous chemical substances, chemical warfare agents, explosives and biological agents.
Real-time monitoring with the possibility of showing the results at the built-in monitor.
The device requires no complex maintenance and consumable components and can work on battery power for up to 60 minutes.
Application areas
Explosives and hazardous chemical agents detection unit
Detection limits:
  • for traces of explosives (TNT): 10^-11 g;
  • for explosive vapors (TNT): 10^-13 g/cm3;
  • for toxic substances: 1,0·10^-3 — 1,0·10^-2 mg/m3;
  • for emergency hazardous chemicals: 1 maximum permissible concentration in the air of working area.
Chemical warfare agents:
sarin, soman, VX, mustard gas, lewisite, phosgene, hydrocyanic acid, cyanides.
brisant and initiating explosives; homemade and industrially produced explosives, mixed explosives
Detectable explosives:
bipolar ion mobility spectrometry
Analytical detection method:
Ethernet, "dry contact"
Communication interfaces:
20 min or less
Response time:
220 V, 50 Hz
Power supply:
  • temperature: 0°C to +40°C;
  • relative humidity: from 30 to 98% (at +25°C).
Operating conditions:
Specifications of the complex
Analytical detection method:
Flow cytometry
Hazardous biological agents detection unit
emergency hazardous chemicals: hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, chlorine, ammonia.
Detectable hazardous chemical agents:
Any bio-aerosols (airborne particles of toxins, bacteria, and viruses) with a particle size of 1−10 microns
Detectable biohazardous agents:
5-10^-5 mg/l minimum
Detection limit of biological aerosols: