Bioaerosol analyser Segment-Bio by Trobio


Continuous monitoring of bio-aerosol presence in the air (including toxins, viruses, and bacteria).
Signals from the photodetectors are accumulated and processed by specialized software using correlation analysis. As a result, Segment-Bio makes a conclusion about the presence of bioaerosol in the air.
The UV radiation interacts with the aerosol particles in analyzed volume with further receiving the signal by the photodetectors.
The air jet is irradiated with two focused streams of UV flux.
The air enters through the concentrator into the pneumatic unit to form the air jet to be analyzed.

Working principle

bioaerosol analyser Segment-Bio by Trobio working principle
Impactor for air sampling and aerosol concentration
Scattering channel photodetector
(data on the particle sizes)
Three fluorescence channel photodetectors in three bands (data on the presence of proteins and DNA in the particles)
UV emitters (280 nm and 365 nm)
USB, Ethernet, GPS/GLONASS (optional)
Communication interfaces
7.3 kg
Overall dimensions
no less than 45 days
380×225×180 mm
Power supply
220 V, 50 Hz, 80 W
Continuous operation time
Probability of detection on the sensitivity threshold:
not less than 0.95
Detection threshold
not less than 5*10-5 mg/l
Start-up time
up to 20 l/min
no more than 3 min with temperature from 0°C to 30°C
Volumetric air flow rate
Number of photodetectors
4 photomultipliers
Response time
not less than 15 s
The size range of the particles analyzed
1-10 μm
Analytical principle
flow cytometry